U.S. Ambassador
Samuel Hart

William "Jimbo" Simmons
Human Rights Leader,
American Indian Movement

Joe Meadors

Veteran & Survivor
of USS Liberty

Patricia Chaffee

Paul Larudee

Free Palestine

What Makes Us Stronger: FPM Participation in the Next Flotilla to Gaza

Despite the vicious Israeli assault on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and its tragic consequences, offers to send more ships to Gaza began pouring in almost immediately afterward. Less than a week after its delegates returned from captivity, the Free Palestine Movement was called to a meeting in Beirut of more than twenty organizations committed to new efforts to break the siege. The unanimous decision was to send a new and larger Freedom Flotilla, as well as other efforts by land, sea, and even air (the FPM initiative).

The Free Palestine Movement is therefore preparing its next delegation. It will include some of the same members as the last delegation, such as former U.S. Ambassador Edward Peck and decorated USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors, but we intend to expand it to include other prominent Americans, as well. As in the last delegation, we will participate in the purchase of one of the vessels and some of its cargo. In addition, we are considering taking our boat, the Liberty - one of the first vessels to break the siege in 2008 - as a gift to the people of Gaza.

Obviously, this will require a lot of effort, and we welcome your participation. We need help recruiting high profile individuals and raising funds. If you wish to do a fundraiser in your community, we will be happy to do a presentation there. Our mission is costly, and participating vessels are often captured and not returned. This will not deter us, but it means that a lot of fundraising is necessary. Our goal is to raise at least $100,000 and preferably $150,000 by the end of October. We also encourage you to consider supporting other campaigns that are participating in the next Freedom Flotilla.

Is it worth such expense when millions of Palestinians are suffering from the lack of basic necessities? Ask the Palestinians themselves. Ask yourself. Nothing is more precious than freedom.