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Gaza By Sea

In May 2011 we will be participating in a civilian marine convoy of at least twelve cargo and passenger vessels to Gaza, loaded with thousands of tons of medical supplies, water purification equipment, building materials and other items forbidden by Israel. It is by far the biggest effort yet to break the siege of Gaza by sea, organized by thousands of people from 30 countries and hundreds of groups based in Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Malaysia, the EU, the UK, and of course, the USA.

The first six successful voyages of the Free Gaza Movement showed the feasibility of this form of nonviolent resistance. The subsequent unsuccessful voyages showed its limitations. We believe that a successful challenge must include the following elements: * It must include a U.S. focus as part of an international effort. Israel has more concern for actions that are based inside the country that is its main sponsor. * It must be a world-class event, with U.S. members of Congress, internationally known humanitarians and celebrities.

Gaza By Air

Following the May 2010 convoy, after numerous attempts by sea and land, we will raise the ante and challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza by air. Gaza air space can be entered without over-flying Israeli or Egyptian territory. Breaking the blockade by air may be even more feasible than by sea. An aircraft cannot be boarded while in flight, and the right aircraft can land almost anywhere in Gaza.

Success also depends on showing that we present no military threat. Like the voyages by sea, we will be totally transparent in our actions and the world will be watching. With your help, the Free Palestine Movement can make this happen.

The Return from Exile Project

Palestinians and their supporters are using brave and creative forms of nonviolent resistance in Bilíin, Jayyous, Beit Ommar, Niílin, Budrus, and other places in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza, and Israel. The Free Palestine Movement is in support of the Palestinian strategy for returning to their homes, restoring their freedom and exercising their self-determination.

In pursuit of this commitment the Free Palestine Movement has recently initiated a partnership with Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition - USA and The Palestinian Return Centre - UK to organize The Return from Exile Project, an action in which Palestinians passengers will fly on commercial flights to Lid ("Tel-Aviv") airport on a date to be decided. The volunteers will insist on going to their homes.

The Plan

On the day of the action, approximately 100 Palestinians and supporters will fly to Lid airport (Ben Gurion International Airport). They will take a variety of routes and arrive on different flights. Both the Palestinians and their supporters will be nationals who do not ordinarily require visas to visit Israel. However, they will be selected from among those who have personally been denied permission to enter.

The nationalities of the volunteers will qualify them to board the flights. However, Israeli customs authorities will probably stop them upon arrival, place them in detention, and try to deport them as soon as possible. El Al flights should be avoided, where Israeli security would probably prevent boarding.

The volunteers will nonviolently resist deportation, through non-cooperation and by refusing to comply with airline passenger requirements. Previous resistance of this type has shown that the captain of the aircraft will refuse to accept such passengers, who will then be returned to detention.

Lawyers will be arranged in advance, who will argue that the volunteers should be permitted to exercise their right to enter, and to remain at least until their cases are heard. Some cases may be appealed to the High Court and possibly to the International Court of Justice, if there is a means to do so.

The Message

The message is that the volunteers want only to visit their homes and country. They will carry copies of documents and pictures showing their place of origin, and possibly copies of keys, as well. They will insist that although they have the right to live in their homes, their purpose at this time is merely to visit. If, in fact, Israel chooses to let some or all of the volunteers enter, that is exactly what they will do.

The message will be amplified by a network of supporting organizations and a media committee that will prepare and coordinate media efforts.

How You Can Get Involved

There are many dimensions to this project, including local support committees, media outreach, and logistics.

Concerts For Palestine

A way to focus world attention on the plight of Palestinians and expand international support for their rights is to stage a world-class concert in much the way that the famous 1988 Mandela Concert in London helped end apartheid in South Africa. In 2010 Free Palestine Movement helped launch the first Jazza For Gaza in London. More events across the globe are planned for 2011!

If you have questions or wish to invite a speaker on these projects to your community, please call +1 510 232 2500 or write to

The success of our mission and the Palestinian struggle for human rights depends upon you making it your mission, too. Join us: volunteer, provide speaking oppurtunities, endorse us, make a donation. We have already done the impossible, but only with your participation can we continue to push the limits of possibility.