U.S. Ambassador
Samuel Hart

William "Jimbo" Simmons
Human Rights Leader,
American Indian Movement

Joe Meadors

Veteran & Survivor
of USS Liberty

Patricia Chaffee

Paul Larudee

Free Palestine
Gaza By Air

Following the May 2011 convoy, after numerous attempts by sea and land, we will raise the ante and challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza by air. Gaza air space can be entered without over-flying Israeli or Egyptian territory. Breaking the blockade by air may be even more feasible than by sea. An aircraft cannot be boarded while in flight, and the right aircraft can land almost anywhere in Gaza.

Success also depends on showing that we present no military threat. Like the voyages by sea, we will be totally transparent in our actions and the world will be watching. With your help, the Free Palestine Movement can make this happen.

The success of our mission and the Palestinian struggle for human rights depends upon you making it your mission, too. Join us: volunteer, provide speaking oppurtunities, endorse us, make a donation. We have already done the impossible, but only with your participation can we continue to push the limits of possibility.